Zeeks successfully adapts to a wide range of retail footprints. From our 900 square foot Beer Delivery Shacks to our 4,600 square foot Pizza-Pubs we offer a beer centered experience that fits into any neighborhood.


$335,850 to $617,300

The Beer Delivery Shack is our most versatile model. It squeezes into as little as 900 square feet. The beer experience is central to the design of our Beer Delivery Shacks. Our goal is to have 100% of pizza orders include beer (or wine, cider, etc.). That means efficient set-up for expediting take-out and delivery orders and a big beer displays in the lobby for pick-up customers.


$431,400 to $923,300

Our Take-Out Taphouse & Bottleshops are built around the same core as our Beer Delivery Shacks. More square footage allows or more tap beer, increased Bottleshop merchandising, and limited seating. Most of the action is still take-out and delivery, but the beer drinking experience is cool and the dine-in business is a nice kicker for these.


$622,700 – $1,378,750

The Pizza Pub is our Zeeks Shangri La. While still maintaining the core off-premise principles of our Delivery Shacks and Take-Out Taphouses, the Pizza Pub adds an extensive Craft Beer (and sometimes Spirits) Bar, big beer-hall style tables, extensive seating and generally more room and more amenities to settle in and enjoy the perfect pint and pizza.


$335,850 – $1,378,750

Conversion Units are existing restaurants that can be converted into a Zeeks in a cost-effective way by utilizing existing restaurant infrastructure.

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