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What Makes Zeeks Pizza Unique?

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Zeeks was a forerunner of many trends that have become buzzwords today. Handcrafted dough, fresh ingredients, and pizza made fast have been our company’s calling cards for 25 years. There’s also something for everyone at Zeeks Pizza, so whether you’re a meat lover or a vegan, we take pride in making everyone feel welcome.

The team at Zeeks also makes it a point to pair these fresh meals with great drinks. Whether it’s Crater Lake soft drinks, craft beers, or ciders, our drinks will take your meal to the next level. Given the number of great craft breweries in Washington state, there’s always something new and interesting on tap at Zeeks.

This commitment to quality has helped our craft pizza pub expand throughout Seattle, the Eastside, and Snohomish and Pierce Counties. People love that Zeeks Pizza has never lost the slightly alternative, grunge-era feel, and they love the flavor combinations we serve up as one of the best pizza restaurant franchises in the Seattle, WA, area.

Opportunities With Zeeks

If you’re a fan of food done right, we’ve got great news for you. We’re expanding! Pizza restaurant franchise opportunities in Seattle, WA, with Zeeks are available now. The pizza industry does over $40 billion in business every year, and craft pizzerias like Zeeks are becoming more popular than ever. Consumers love the slight boho feel of Zeeks, and the customization options offered here is a bigger selling point than ever for diners.

Since 1993, Zeeks Pizza has become an institution in the Greater Seattle area. Inspired by a surfer who had no time for bad pizza, Zeeks is known for delivering quality meals every time.

Contact our team today for more information about franchise opportunities.

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